The Businessman's Guide to Real Success 

Have you spent your days “climbing the corporate ladder,” “grabbing the bull by the horns,” “clutching at the brass ring,” only to feel more frustrated at the end of each day and thinking, “Is that all there is?”
Though Daryl was a successful and respected businessman and active in his church, his road to wealth and security was fueled by tranquilizers and littered with frustration, stress, and disappointment.
His journey brought him to the foot of the bed of a young man who was dying of cancer, yet filled with peace and joy.  Daryl crashed headlong into this truth:  “If he has a quiet spirit in circumstances far worse than mine, apparently it is a peace that cannot be achieved or accomplished by anything I have been doing.”
In this “must read” for every businessman, Daryl Kraft maps out the road to “Real Success” that brought him the peace and freedom he had searched for his entire life.
Now expanded and revised with study questions and meditations at the end of each chapter.