A Different Place

Paul preached what he called the gospel of freedom and liberty.  The Bible refers to the Christian life as “light,” “easy,” “restful,” and “peaceful.”  Jesus, Himself, said it was “not burdensome.” How would you compare your spiritual life to the above scriptural warranty?  Is it dominated more by “worry and stress” or “peace and rest”?  If your life is more weight than miracle, this book is for you.
It is a book for those who desire a deeper understanding of God’s grace and mercy in their life.  Daryl Kraft has shared the life-altering freedom contained in such familiar words as: “salvation,” “faith,” “sanctification,” “love,” “righteousness,” “wisdom,” and “grace,” not as words meant to burden us, but as words of liberation intended by God to set us free.
It is a book for those who are exhausted by years of Christian service, yet persevere because that is all they know and believe it is what God expects of them.  It is for those who never feel that they have done “enough” for God.
It is for people who view God with one arm around them in love, and the other holding a “big stick” poised for punishment.  It is for people who have felt the sharp agony of questioning their own salvation.  It is for those who compare themselves to other Christians and don’t like what they see.
It is for those who hunger for a scriptural path that liberates them from all of this bondage, which transfers them from the path of “trying to serve God,” to the path of “desiring to know God." This book is Daryl's testimony of how God drew him to a path that progressively leads into deeper peace and rest. If you yearn to know only God, and Him alone, this book is for you.