Knowing the God who chose you

“If I’m really a Christian, why do I have so much stress?”
“Why can’t I seem to make the Christian life ‘stick’?”
For decades, author Daryl Kraft asked these questions in his struggle to reconcile faith in a biblical God of love, with the fear that persistently plagued him regarding a God of judgment and wrath. It seemed to Daryl that “more God means less fun,” and “when you pray, you pay.”
In "Knowing the God who chose you," however, Daryl illustrates how God uses Scripture to completely transform our misunderstandings of God. He shares ten verses that give testimony of the glorious relationship we can all enjoy in Christ.
This powerful book exposes common misconceptions about the Christian life, zeroing in on the true freedom of the Gospel message: that a totally good, totally loving God has chosen us, simply that we may know the pure joy of knowing Him.