A Simplified Life

"A Simplified Life" is not a self-help book for those desiring the life of a hermit. It’s a book for those who desire a simplified life in the midst of today’s high-stressed, fast-paced, and increasingly complicated and demanding world. In this book, tap into Daryl Kraft’s fifty years of “out of the hide” practical experience in building and maintaining a business in today’s world.
Beginning in college with a few accounts grossing $600 per month, Daryl built a national franchise corporation serving the needs of over forty franchises in twenty states across the country. Read why he legitimately takes none of the credit for this accomplishment.
Whether you own a business, work as an employee of a business, or are currently unemployed, "A simplified Life" provides timely insights into:
  • How God draws us from human effort to a simplified life
  • The true environment where business operates
  • What it means to walk on holy ground in a dark world
  • How God defines success
  • A broader view of security and happiness
  • God’s singular goal for our lives
  • What God has done, and what is left for us to do
  • The “X” factor in running any business
  • How God aligns our workplace with His workplace–producing True Peace!